A Rockin’ Red Chevy Bel Air at Lead East


Chevrolet really needs to rekindle the flame of the charm they once had. Somewhere along the line they misplaced their sense of style, and ever since then most of their cars have been forgotten in a hurry.

Meanwhile, the classic Chevy Bel Air remains an icon of class and style for the automobile. Chevrolet’s product people need to spend more time around the older cars when looking for inspiration.



4 thoughts on “A Rockin’ Red Chevy Bel Air at Lead East”

  1. My thoughts exactly, goingback some 25 years there was a company in ether Canada or Michigan that was building the 57 with a full fiberglass body atop a Caprice chassis. This had to be a perfect fit, with tilt telescopic stering. You might do some research to find the artical. If Chevrolet produced it today it would be their best selling model hands down. I was a service rep for Chevrolet bach in the early 80’s and we new then that GM was heading in the wrong direction. For more info for you to look up. Warren Mossler gave one of the MT 900’s to GM. They still have the car. If you look at this new Corvette their building you will find a lot of the 900 tech. To verify this contact Warren.


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