Fast SUVs lovers, Meet Your New Badass God

Jeep Trackhawk Hellcat

We’ve all known this was coming for a while, but now the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is here, and it’s taking charge.

I like it a lot, but for a different reason than most. Sure, the 707hp Hellcat engine hooked to AWD is wonderful, but it’s this Jeep’s attitude that I love the most. I love that this isn’t some pretentious white collar status symbol, that’s really not what an SUV is supposed to be about. SUVs, to me at least, are work horses, meant to get down and dirty. The Jeep is much more of a badass than the Porsche Cayenne, the Mercedes GLE, or the BMW X5/X6. To me, the flavor of this Hellcat Jeep just seems right.

Truth be told, the Jeep SRT was my favorite of the big fast SUVs already, for the same reason. Now that they’ve put the Hellcat in it, that just makes it all the more lust-worthy.

Yes, with options, this will probably be a $100,000+ Jeep, but it will roast all of its competition. I mean, this is a vehicle weighing well over 5,000lbs that can go 0-60 in 3.5 sec, and 180 mph up top. In the SUV world, that’s absolutely insane, and you’ve still got plenty of room for the kids in back.

Honestly, I think this is now my favorite Hellcat model, because A) It can put that power down, and B) it is just so unexpected.

This is the new ultimate BAMF mobile for sure!



3 thoughts on “Fast SUVs lovers, Meet Your New Badass God”

  1. That is a very cool Jeep. But I can’t help but recall the time that I pulled a Range Rover back on a mountain road with my Ford Bronco II. To make it even more interesting, the road had several inches of packed ice and snow. No tire chains were needed. Just two locked differentials and low gears. The guy was dumbfounded that I pulled him out. I suspect there will be many stuck Jeep Hellcats due to their drivers thinking they are invincible off road. No doubt someone with much less power will be there to pull them out too.


    1. I get what you’re saying, but off-roading isn’t what any of these high performance SUVs are about. The Jeep SRT I drove didn’t even have an off-road driving mode, just Track, Sport, Snow, and Tow. In Track it cornered flat with astoundingly little body roll, but I’m sure it can’t climb anything. You buy a totally different model if you want to do that. These are very much for people who will never leave the tarmac haha

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      1. I suspect that the owner of one of these would not like to get mud on their rims. I’m just too practical when it comes to my choice of vehicles (only limited by money). If I ever have a pile of money to burn, a Ford Raptor would be a daily driver and a Challenger Hellcat for weekends.


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