My first Bugatti Chiron at NYIAS

Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 7

I got my first in-person look at the new Bugatti Chiron at the New York International Auto Show. Naturally it was from behind the fence meant to keep the proletariat at bay, but what I could see was spectacular. There seems to be another level of fine detail in the Chiron over that of the Veyron. It’s even more of a work of art, and that has become increasingly important for cars at this ultimate level.

One thing I noticed in particular was the Bugatti badge on the front grille. It has more dimension and appears to be hand made and hand painted. It helps give a little artisan appeal to the Chiron’s otherwise all-too-perfect modern mechanical nature.

Enjoy the photos of what should soon be confirmed as the fastest car in the world.

Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 8
Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 12 Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 5Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 11Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 2 Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 3
Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 4 Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 6
Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 1 Bugatti Chiron NYIAS 9

-Nick Walker

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