Some say self-driven cars will be extinct in 10 years. They must all be test tube babies…

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If everyone is really turning their backs on the automobile, then why does Singer exist? I mean, there’s a very long waiting waiting list of very wealthy people excited to spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car they apparently don’t want. No, it’s clearly a chore for them when they’d all rather be carted around in autonomous electric cars, because that’s the future. I mean why would anybody want a tiny loud car that actually requires effort to drive? And with 500hp in such a featherweight package, isn’t it terribly unsafe? Why would people be lining up to get their hands on something like that in 2018?

The answer is simple. Because it’s fucking fun! and it’s fucking beautiful! and it evokes all kinds of deep fucking emotions when you drive it! It’s dangerous, but such a thrill makes life worth living because only when you are at the ragged edge of death do you truly appreciate what it means to be alive.

This is where Western society is at now, people. Our aristocracy enjoys paying huge sums of money so they can go out on a Sunday afternoon and narrowly avoid being smashed to tiny bits in a fiery crash. That’s what’s fun when you live in a peaceful society, and this Porsche by Singer and Williams will deliver their every desire.

That’s what a thrill is, though, it’s all about experiencing danger and coming out with a great story to tell. We live in a very mundane world, especially when most of us sit at a desk all day. A sports car like this Singer isn’t really a mode of transportation at all, in the sense of getting from place to place. What it is, is an adventure on wheels, a vessel that will transport you from everyday mundane life to an extraordinary experience at the turn of a key. It is a very special object that will inspire your deep passions and help make life more exciting.

A 911 reimagined by Singer does all of that, but with so much extra attention to detail and sheer artistry to it. They’ve taken the greatest sports car ever made, and have distilled it to its very essence. It 100% about passion, both from those who build it and from those who write the check for it. It adds a tremendous amount of color to an increasingly gray world. That is why people want a car like this so badly, and that is why enthusiast cars will not be going away any time soon.

As common transportation becomes more and more autonomous, I think it will only increase demand for sports cars like this because driving will become more of a pleasure than a chore. People who want to drive will continue to buy cars that are enjoyable, and people who don’t want to drive will just buy the autonomous version of the boring car they drive now. Nothing is lost for us enthusiasts.

Doubt me? Just remember we’ve been able to make babies in test tubes for many decades now. It’s safe and it’s efficient. Yet, for some reason, most people still like to get it on. It’s just more fun, and that’s reason enough to undermine technological efficiency.

-Nick Walker

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