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My thoughts on the whole Hybrid/Electric thing….

The Top Gear crew pushing a Nissan Leaf that ran out of juice during a test

Ever since Al Gore’s little film there has been a bit of a frenzied panic going on in many areas, but especially in the car industry. Everyone has sudden obsession with green technology in an effort to save the earth from turning into an igloo in two days time without warning.  Now I’m not one of those people who says that global warming is not real, not by a long shot, but the overwhelming majority of people do not actually know anything about what actually it is, and have just jumped onto the panic bandwagon like a bunch of spontaneous, ignorant, morons. This hysteria has become a detriment to much of the automotive industry because it has forced many companies to rush development and quality has suffered.   Continue reading My thoughts on the whole Hybrid/Electric thing….


Test Driven: Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640

I’m going to start by listing all of the awful things about the Murcielago. It is hard to get in and out of, the driver position is awkward and not straight, the seat pokes you in many places and isn’t very comfortable, it has a small trunk that is almost useless, The steering is really heavy, the car feels absurdly huge, you have to avoid every pothole (expensive fix if you don’t), you have to be careful not to cut turns because you may scrape the car (like in a box truck), the car is cramped, there are blind spots everywhere except directly in front of you, its offensively impractical and vulgarly ostentatious, Its wider than the lane, rearview mirror is useless and only show you the engine, the side mirrors are useless and only show you the intakes for the engine, it is terrible on gas, nothing on the car is conventional or easy, no part of the car is socially acceptable, and because of the money at stake and the blindness, it is a terrifying car to drive and extremely stressful. So what is the appeal then?    Continue reading Test Driven: Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640

Test Driven: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a fantastic, well-executed supercar for the street. Like most cars in this sector, it is still impractical in many regards, but nowhere near to the degree of the Murcielago. Overall though, it can be quite useable as a second car, that you drive for fun on nice days, because it is practical enough for most basic tasks, and a lot more fun than your other car would be.

Continue reading Test Driven: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Test Driven: Bentley Continental GTC

The way to describe the Bentley Continental is “solid”. The car is extremely overbuilt and it has such a feel of presence and occasion to it on the road. It is extremely refined and relaxed about everything it does whether you are just cruising or charging full steam ahead. The way it retains this laid back feel in all situations really sets it apart from any other car I have experienced. The Continental is a serious Grand Touring car to be sure.   Continue reading Test Driven: Bentley Continental GTC

Cadillac XTS: “Standard of the world”? Doesn’t seem so.

Cadillac XTS Concept

Cadillac is working on a large sedan they are calling the XTS. It is to replace both the STS and DTS, and if GM is smart they will aim to make a legitmate flagship sedan of global standard like those offered from Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, and Lexus.   Continue reading Cadillac XTS: “Standard of the world”? Doesn’t seem so.

Dear Buick: I see what you did there.

Although GM’s turnaround has been the work of all four of its brands, Buick is the one that seems to look the most different than its previous self.  With the loss of Oldsmobile and Pontiac over the past 10 years, Buick is now the mid-level brand of the family, which is an extremely difficult position to be in during this time, as Cadillac struggles to move upmarket and its closest competitor, Mercury, is finally put to bed by Ford.  Continue reading Dear Buick: I see what you did there.

Art of the Automobile: Can cars be “art”?

Packard Twelve 1608 Derham 10

In order to discuss this question we must first have a definition of “art” itself. The definition of art is largely personal will vary between individuals to some degree to be sure. There is some consensus though. “Art” consists of a deliberate action that is meant to evoke an emotional or sensual response, or meant to convey a message from the creator. It is a medium with which people may express themselves, and can really be anything at all. The factors defining “art” exist more in the reasons for doing something than the actual tangible result of such an action. This is because the motivation of the artist is what will ultimately determine the potency of their work’s effects on others.    Continue reading Art of the Automobile: Can cars be “art”?

Cars 101: “Understeer” vs “Oversteer”

Both occur at the handling limit of a car under hard cornering.

Understeer: the front of the car loses grip and the car will not seem to be able to turn enough.

Oversteer: the rear of the car loses grip and the car fishtails or will spin around. It will turn too much. Continue reading Cars 101: “Understeer” vs “Oversteer”