Spotted! Modified Dodge Challenger SRT8, Atlantic City, NJ

The overcast sky really brought this color out. Detonator Yellow is now my new favorite color on the Challenger. This thing sounded MEAN.
Decided to take a quick walk after some gambling in Caesar’s at Atlantic City on Wednesday, and this bright yellow ponycar greets me with an eletrifying “hello.”  It looks quite garish, especially with the yellow painted rims, but it sounded just as mean as it looked with that classic hood scoop, thanks to a custom exhaust.

Spotted by: Al


Hyundai Genesis Coupe line adjustments

Hyundai Genesis Coupe going Slidewayz

The Genesis Coupe has been a great asset to Hyundia’s recent charge up market. In its current form the 2.0T offers a solid entry-level rear wheel drive platform, and the 3.8 offers some solid competition to the Nissan Z, Camaro V6, and Mustang V6. The Genesis has proven a worthy competitor in the lower range of the sports car market for sure, now I think it is time for Hyundai to turn up the heat even more with a few changes to the Genesis Coupe line.    Continue reading Hyundai Genesis Coupe line adjustments

Secondhand Saint: 1996-2002 BMW Z3, M

The Z3 from Goldeneye. Very cool car, despite not being the quickest thing in the world at the time.

Back in 1994, James Bond’s Goldeneye introduced the entire world to a brand-new way to drive a roadster.  The BMW Z3 had landed, and thanks to the movie placement, it was a hit right from the start.  BMW’s replacement for the offbeat little Z1 roadster hit the market in 1996, and enjoyed various improvements throughout its seven-year lifespan. Continue reading Secondhand Saint: 1996-2002 BMW Z3, M

The Clutch Pedal’s Decline

For the entire existence of the automobile, the manual transmission has been the choice for maximum performance and efficiency. It was the enthusiast’s choice because it gave the driver much more control over a car than did an automatic. The manual transmission has served the same function for around a century, but now things are changing big time.    Continue reading The Clutch Pedal’s Decline

Spotted!! Cars from the Grand Am Race in NJ

308 Quattrovalvole

Since I was at a race and expected to see some nice cars there, however there were a few that stood out to me. Instead of making them individual posts, I figured I would lump them into one post. The first car posted above is a Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvolve. I love the old 308s, there is just something elegant about them, but I can never put my finger on it. Next up we have a Mercedes Benz CLS 63AMG, just glorious by all accounts, 1969 Camaro and a BMW 1-Series M. Continue reading Spotted!! Cars from the Grand Am Race in NJ

Obscure Auto: Schuppan 962CR

Shuppan 962CR

This is basically a road version of the Porsche 962C that raced in Group C in the late 1980s. The Schuppan 962CR is its own chassis design based on that of the racing car, and uses many Porsche parts, but it does not bear the Porsche nameplate because it was a separate undertaking by one of their racing drivers, Vern Shuppan. In total only five or six of these magnificent supercars were built, making them some of the rarest cars on Earth. Schuppan went bankrupt due to the high cost of the cars as well as two customers failing to make payment. Such is the reality of all too many small supercar ventures.     Continue reading Obscure Auto: Schuppan 962CR

Ferrari F458 Italia GT

458 Italia GT - Image by James Boone


Ferrari is back in the Rolex Grand Am Series, and just in time for the 50th running of the 24 Hours of Daytona!  Ferrari has competed in 47 of the 49  day long classics, and has 15 class victories, 5 of which were overall victories around the 3.56 mile course that runs through part of the NASCAR super speedway and then down in the infield for the road course section of circuit.

Continue reading Ferrari F458 Italia GT

The Chevy Volt, and what it means.

Shown at Mainstreet in Motion, in NJ. Very easy to drive and has no problem getting up to highway speeds.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to drive the Volt for the first time.  Nick’s already gone into great detail about how it drives, so I will only gloss over that.  However, I believe that it is a massive step forward for not only General Motors, but the entire industry as well.  This is one of the first huge changes in how cars drive and how they move around, and I’m glad to say that GM has done a seriously good job–perhaps it even wipes their record clean from the EV1 fiasco. Continue reading The Chevy Volt, and what it means.

Delage D8-120S at the Greenwich Concours

Delage D8-120S. So beautiful.

This gorgeous French sports car of the prewar era, a black 1938 Delage D8-120S Aerosport Coupe took home the top International honors of Best in Show and People’s Choice at the 2011 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance, held last month.  During the Depression, Delage was bought by Delahaye, and by 1953, it had ceased to be after a tumultuous time in the early Fifties, when less than 100 were made during three years.  More pictures after the jump.

Continue reading Delage D8-120S at the Greenwich Concours

Fire Breathing…. Mazda??

When I look at the Grand Am GT class manufacturers, and I think about which of these would more than likely spit flames out it’s exhaust pipe like a dragon, Mazda and their RX8R is not what comes to mind.  I think of Chevy and their big V8 engines in their Corvettes and Camaros.  I also think of BMW and their V8 in the M3.  Porsche, not so much, I think of them as too refined to have fire.  Mazda, hah, no way!!  They use a 3 rotary engine (2 in the street going RX8)  and they scream like a crotch rocket on steroids.  Certainly not what comes to mind when you think of a fire breathing dragon!!  A dragon roars, not screams, but nonetheless, the Mazda is the one car in the entire field that  puts on a fireworks show.

Continue reading Fire Breathing…. Mazda??

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