Hi, my name is Jeep Grand Cherokee, but you can call me Maserati

Maserati SUV Concept, extremely awkward looking in my opinion

There has been more and more talk about a possible upcoming SUV from Maserati. Today more details broke and it is clear to me that this Fiat-Chrysler relationship is going to be mishandled.   Continue reading Hi, my name is Jeep Grand Cherokee, but you can call me Maserati


Spotted: Porsche 935 Race Car, Carmel CA

Porsche 935 Race Car

Always good to see a full built racing car on public roads despite it’s non-legal status. This is legit though, the car was driving on public roads (not far I’m sure). I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. 935s are the monsters you fear as a child.

Spotted by- Nick

Why should you care about cars? The answer may surprise you.

The Beautiful Girl in the Ferrari from National Lampoons American Vacation, looks like she’s having some fun 😉

The automobile is an integral part of our existence, so important that all of the “developed world” is based around it. Most people that are able to read this article drive cars on a regular, if not daily, basis. It is estimated that the average American spends over 500 hours per year traveling in a car, the same figure is around half that in Europe. That is a rather large amount of your life if you think about it, so if you are going to devote such a large amount of time to something like driving a car, surely you should take at least some interest in it. In my opinion you would be a fool not too because if you aren’t thoroughly enjoying those 500 or so hours then what are you doing with all that time? It will actually improve your quality of life if you take an interest in cars or driving.    Continue reading Why should you care about cars? The answer may surprise you.

Test Driven: Ferrari F430 Spider

Ferrari F430 Spider

It is interesting how the supercar experience really boils down to two things, the drive itself and being the star of your own parade. In many cases, seeing people’s reactions is almost as fun as driving the car fast, there is a sense of occasion that a supercar brings and this Ferrari no exception.   Continue reading Test Driven: Ferrari F430 Spider

Secondhand Saint: Porsche 944

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

I’m starting with this car because I learned to drive stick on a ’90 944 S2, so I have a special spot in my heart for it. The 944 was Porsche’s base model back in the 1980s and early 90s.  It was very controversial at the time, and, like the Boxster today, was seen as “the poor man’s Porsche.” I can attest to the contrary 100%. The 944 is a fantastic sports car with great handling, 50/50 weight distribution, solid power and speed in the upper trims, fairly light weight (2700lbs or so), and a good look and feel to it. Back in its day the upper models would have competed with the likes of the BMW E30 M3, Lotus Esprit, Toyota Supra Mk3 Turbo, etc.   Continue reading Secondhand Saint: Porsche 944

The Ferrari California: Sadly Tainted

Ferrari California

When Ferrari announced it was bringing out an entry level model I was not skeptical at all because I love Ferrari, and, in my opinion, they haven’t really screwed anything up since the late 80’s or early 90’s. I want to begin by saying that I do not think Ferrari has screwed up at all here in their making of the car. It was well received by most and from what I have heard is quite a great car. Its folding hard top is surely a plus for road use, which is this car’s purpose. I would not hesitate one second if thrown the keys to a California, and Im sure I would love how it drives. But here’s the thing, I would never buy one and there is a few reasons for that.   Continue reading The Ferrari California: Sadly Tainted

My thoughts on the whole Hybrid/Electric thing….

The Top Gear crew pushing a Nissan Leaf that ran out of juice during a test

Ever since Al Gore’s little film there has been a bit of a frenzied panic going on in many areas, but especially in the car industry. Everyone has sudden obsession with green technology in an effort to save the earth from turning into an igloo in two days time without warning.  Now I’m not one of those people who says that global warming is not real, not by a long shot, but the overwhelming majority of people do not actually know anything about what actually it is, and have just jumped onto the panic bandwagon like a bunch of spontaneous, ignorant, morons. This hysteria has become a detriment to much of the automotive industry because it has forced many companies to rush development and quality has suffered.   Continue reading My thoughts on the whole Hybrid/Electric thing….


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