Saab’s Sob Story

Saab 9-4X

Since 2008, Saab’s fate has changed more times than I can count.  From GM nearly killing the company off, to a failed deal with Koenigsegg, to a successful deal with Spyker, it’s been a wild couple of years for the offbeat little Swedish company.  However, the trouble never seems to stop. Continue reading Saab’s Sob Story


Autocar reviews the Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0

This car is just incredible, especially if you’re a Porsche fan. A 4.0L flat six motor producing 493bhp is just astonishing, but in a GT3 is is nothing less than biblical. It gets a thumbs up from me.


Secondhand Saint: BMW 8 Series (E31)

BMW 8 Series

Quite simply the 8 Series is a legitimate Gran Turismo that can be had for the price of a Toyota Yaris. Lets see, boring econobox that can barely be considered a car or an epic, 150mph, V12, GT car that will make you feel like an utter boss every time you look at it? If fuel economy is your main concern go for the Yaris, but if you like living life in a more extraordinary fashion then this Bimmer may be just the ticket.    Continue reading Secondhand Saint: BMW 8 Series (E31)

Test Driven: Volkswagen GTI DSG

GTI (Front)

Hot hatchbacks represent one of the market’s easiest ways to get into a brand-new sporty car without paying an exorbitant price.  Although the segment has expanded drastically over the years, Volkswagen is still the company that seems to win every single comparison test.  The GTI is the yardstick by which the others are measured, and I decided that I should go and find out why. Continue reading Test Driven: Volkswagen GTI DSG

Chrysler 200: Making Do with What You Have.

Chrysler 200 (Front)

It’s no secret that Chrysler’s last entry into the midsize car market was quite simply a car best left to rental lots.  The last Sebring is a car that needs no introduction, because it does not deserve one (to be kind).  However, the Chrysler 200, its replacement, is made from the same pieces, but seems to be a much better whole.  So, what’s the story? Continue reading Chrysler 200: Making Do with What You Have.

Audi: Four Ring Circus

Audi A8 L Armored

Audi’s been improving its product portfolio at a shockingly fast pace in the past couple of model years.  From the all-new A8 to the snarling R8 supercar, every car out of their design studio looks handsome and has driving dynamics to match.  However, where there is an ointment, there are always some flies to pick.   Continue reading Audi: Four Ring Circus

Test Driven: Honda CR-Z EX Automatic

Honda CRZ

As most of our readers are aware, I bashed the new Honda CRZ in a previous article.  However, after reading the sales results for it since January 2011, I noticed that it’s been selling in similar numbers to the Volkswagen GTI, which is an established, award-winning hot hatchback.  So, I decided to test my own personal opinion: Would Al have to (and not for the first time) eat his words? Continue reading Test Driven: Honda CR-Z EX Automatic

The Turbocharged Revolution

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, well over 400hp from only 2.0L thanks to modifications 😉

There are still some people out there who say “there is no replacement for displacement”, then when their large displacement V8 Camaro or Mustang gets blown away by a little 2-liter Lancer Evolution they have a bit of a hard time explaining themselves. The truth is that in the industry there is a very direct “replacement for displacement” and that is a turbocharger. The purpose of any form of forced induction is to give a certain sized motor the power of a larger one. It’s true that a larger motor will make more power than a smaller motor if both have the same turbo/boost level/compression ratio, but that is not how turbos are used in the industry. In reality, they are used to make cars with smaller motors give similar performance to cars with big motors.   Continue reading The Turbocharged Revolution

Secondhand Saint: Chevrolet Corvette C4 LT1/LT4/ZR-1 (1992-1996)

Endless headroom = endless fun.

The Corvette, despite all of the criticism leveled against it over the years, has always been a big favorite of mine.  From the originals in the 1950s to the newest ZR-1, each is unique, yet also somehow the same.  However, one of the ones that got a lot of criticism when it was new, the C4, did improve over its life, and the later models are becoming a serious bargain on the used-car market. Continue reading Secondhand Saint: Chevrolet Corvette C4 LT1/LT4/ZR-1 (1992-1996)

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