Auto-Salon Singen Virtual Tour

Auto-Salon Singen Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Auto-Salon Singen, one of the biggest collector car showrooms in the world, in Germany. You will be drooling as you look through their inventory. Few places on earth can you see so many such cars in one place, so it is definitely worth taking the tour if you have some free time. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Auto-Salon Singen Virtual Tour”

  1. Big, big thanks for posting this. Cool garage and a beautiful part of Germany. You could collect your car in the morning; I wish, then you’d be spoilt for choice as to where to go next: Switzerland, Austria, France, even the Nurburg Ring.
    Time to for me to suggest a family holiday to southern Germany, wish me luck.


    1. Yea it is definitely one of those major automotive destinations. That Zonda Club Sport steals the show for me, I’d love to pick it up and then take it up in the Alps.


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