1967 Chrysler 300 Convertible at the 2014 Radnor Hunt Concours

Chrysler 300 Convertible Front 1

Chrysler, at one point, was all about really big cars. I’m not talking “big” in today’s terms. I’m talking “it takes up one whole city block” big. Chrysler didn’t do small cars until the late Seventies–and the proof was how they sold the 300.

Chrysler 300 Convertible Interior

You bought one of these by the yard, and the engine you got was one choice–the excellent 440 cubic inch V8. This yellow convertible is one rare old 300–just less than 1600 convertibles were made in 1967. At a cost of $4,487 plus options and delivery in that year, it wasn’t particularly cheap, but it was still less to buy than a brand-new Lincoln–and was much more rewarding to drive, with a better suspension system and much stronger brakes. Enjoy the photos.

Chrysler 300 Convertible Interior

Chrysler 300 Convertible Headlight Bucket

Chrysler 300 Convertible Front 2

Chrysler 300 Convertible Wheel Well

-Albert S. Davis


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