Let’s Talk About Raising The Speed Limit

Speed limits on America’s highways were mostly set a long time ago, and the automobile has come a long way since then. People already usually drive a good bit faster than the signs tell them to, and yet the Earth hasn’t exploded yet because of it.

Let’s talk realistically about the speed limit, and where it should be here in 2015.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Raising The Speed Limit”

  1. There is literally no logical argument against this. Very few, if any, other legal standards are set based upon information that is 50 years old. None exist within technology sectors that have evolved as “fast” as cars have.
    Cars of today laugh at 60 MPH and can maneuver safely at 70MPH. Thats any random car. Many upscale cars can safely maneuver at 80 or 90, see any Tuesday on the Autobahn.

    That being said, the limit is NEVER going up. Why? Money. Speeding tickets make money for local governments directly by fine payments and indirectly by qualifying state and local governments for road funding.

    A better way:

    Raise the speed limit to 70mph everywhere. Then charge people for special permits and licensing including a test in a qualifying car so they can use the left lane and exceed posted limits by 15 or 25 MPH depending on their qualifying car and performance on the driving test.

    Anyone who exceeds the limit, i.e. does 100MPH, should be subject to license suspension and overnight mail stay.

    People will gladly pay for this special certification, generating revenue, and folks will stay under the new limit, fearing the jail time.


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