Autocross and a random car show? Sounds like Sunday.

Neon 3 Wheelin

Sunday was a long day for me, the 1993 Miata, and my sunburned skin. When it’s 90 degrees outside, the first thing into my mind is to run back inside and cower underneath my air conditioner, unless I’m at the beach. There is no air conditioning in the Miata anymore, and at this NASA/MSNE autocross event up at MetLife Stadium (home of the Jets and the Giants, and probably Jimmy Hoffa), it was hot enough to fry eggs on the street and fry my nose and forehead to a nice, golden brown (red). Shane turned up too, in his silver Miata which makes my car look concours-fresh.

Evo plus Miata

Once I got my times later that night, it turned out that I’d been pretty slow (really slow) on the track but I’d still beaten out one other Miata (not Shane) and a BMW 335i (which I radio’ed in a few times for hitting cones and going off course once). Not only had the car survived the autocross, but I never fell off the track and I never once hit a cone–something I set as a goal. On the way home from the Tick-Tock Diner (best diner in the area, no question) after the event, I came across a car show, which made up for missing one earlier in River Edge (which I covered last year but was unable to this year). Most of the guys showing their cars were with a local club in Central Jersey, and my friend Harry, owner of the white Mustang Mach 1 (made right in Metutchen, NJ) won himself a trophy. Enjoy the photos of a fine Sunday in the Garden State.

GTO and Mustang


Yellow S2000

Red S2000

CRX on the Track

1976 Pontiac Grand Prix

1975 Cadillac Coupe deVille

1969 Dodge Dart Convertible

1969 AMC AMX

1967 Mercury Comet Capri

1967 Camaro SS396

1965 Pontiac GTO

1941 Willys

1957 Ford Thunderbird

-Albert S. Davis


3 thoughts on “Autocross and a random car show? Sounds like Sunday.”

  1. Sweet stuff! Funny thing is, autocrosses themselves usually make great car shows (before the runs start and they’re all parked, especially). I was lucky enough to find out about one recently at the BB&T center in south Florida, and saw more S2000s in one day than in my whole life before that day. 2-for-1 deal! I’m guessing there were quite a few at the event you attended as well, given there’s 2 different ones among the pics.

    Also, kudos on not going off course or hitting any cones! Half the beauty of an autocross is testing skills that could only otherwise be tested at a road course or some twisting canyon roads if you live near them. I’d rather have a slower time with a clean run than have the fastest time only after knocking cones around.


    1. Thanks, Nick! I just forgot to take out my camera at the beginning of the event because I was obsessing over the Miatas occasionally unreliable electrics. I’m going to another event next Sunday, and I’ll be sure to remember.


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