1965 Oldsmobile Jetstar I at the New Hope Car Show 2013

While Day 1 of the New Hope Classic Car Show was wrapping up, Nick and I were taking pictures of cars that were no longer surrounded by undesirable clutter. While he ran off to photograph a Ford Thunderbird, I saw this sleek black land yacht sitting out in the back of the lot, unnoticed. I certainly didn’t like how no one wanted to look at it, so I started taking pictures. This is a 1965 Oldsmobile Jetstar I, the final year of the model, which was a sportier version of the Olds 88 at the time. They were made for just two years, and I haven’t seen one since this point. In this sleek black paintjob, this big Olds packs a 425ci big block Oldsmobile V8 punch and a four-speed manual transmission, all wrapped up in a well-optioned interior for the era. Only 6,552 were sold for the 1965 model year, making this a fairly rare example of what Olds was selling in the 1960s. The fenders looked nice and straight, and the lines made the car look a bit smaller than it actually was from my perspective. Enjoy the photos.


12 thoughts on “1965 Oldsmobile Jetstar I at the New Hope Car Show 2013”

  1. Very interesting. Never heard of the Jetstar line, but this is how I remember cars from my youth. Big boats! Rolling living rooms! It baffles me that we could ever park these things!


  2. Hey, that’s my car! Just Googled the make, model and year and found this site. I recall a fellow taking photos who liked the car, guess that was you!. Thanks for the interest and posting the (accurate I might add!) story. It is true that it was somewhat invisible at that show, but that’s OK; there are usually a select few people who appreciate it, haw haw! -Scott


    1. Dear Scott Fe; IF U care to reply to: Maybe, U noticed my posting . I Own a Target Red 1965 Oldsmobile Jetstar1. MY Olds. Pictures on my Facebook page. David Utermoehlen. Las Vegas, NV. Cell # 913-636-7188. Like to chat?


    1. New Hope is in Pennsylvania, right over the border with Lambertville, NJ. It’s north of Philadelphia.


      1. Mr. Davis; Thanks 4 the information. Anytime U R visiting Las Vegas, or attending the numerous car auctions Please give me a “Heads -UP”. First drink on me. Back June 2011, I moved from Overland Park, Kansas [Suburb -South Of Kansas City]. to Vegas. MY RIDE was A “Barn Find” from ViOLA, IOWA . Cell # 913-636-7188.


      2. Kind of funny. Sadly, The Jetstar1 owner, Mr. Scott Fe, Never bothered to reply to Me. but it takes Mr. Albert S. Davis.


  3. Wow, just checked back here because a friend of mine who also owns a Jetstar I alerted me to some of the recent comments. Sad indeed. The reason I never “bothered” to reply” further is that I have no reason to visit this site on a regular basis. But now that I have I can say…no, Mr. Utermoehlen, I would not like to chat with you.


    1. Gee Mr. Fe; You whine like a Ms. Important Little girl”. But I subscribe to this Car Web site & get their interesting daily car reports & Car history. While I’m so sorry, I “Hurt” your feelings, Bro. I simply pointed out that another “gentleman” replied to me. So, why the defensiveness, & your anger? I belong to the National & Southern California. Oldsmobile Clubs. Sadly, maybe you are just another “Loner” ? & As, every other Jet Star 1 car guys[except you] like to chat a bit. As we own a very unique car. But I don’t care what you do either.


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