Alfa Giulia at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

Alfa Romeo Giulia Front Grey//

The new Giulia is probably Alfa Romeo’s most important product launch of the past decade.  Twenty years ago, Alfa left the American market, and for the first time, there’s hope that the brand is back and can compete on a mass-market level with this product. The Giulia shown at L.A. was the top of the line Quadrifoglio series, complete with a snarling V6 (they wouldn’t start it up for me, but we’ve heard it before on spy videos and it does sound great), six-speed manual, and stunning styling. I can’t wait to see this at dealerships, and I can give a full guarantee that I’ll do whatever is necessary to get behind the wheel of one when the chance arises. Until then, enjoy the photos–Alfa is back and they mean it.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Headlight//

Alfa Romeo Giulia Front Blue//

Alfa Romeo Giulia Front Black//

Alfa Romeo Giulia Rear Red//

Alfa Romeo Giulia Wheel//

Alfa Romeo Giulia Rear Blue//

Alfa Romeo Giulia Interior//

-Albert S. Davis

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