1954 Ford Sunliner Custom at the 2016 Amelia Island Festivals of Speed

1954 Ford Sunliner Front

Festivals of Speed is a fun little event that happens just down the road from the Omni at Amelia Island. The cars that show up at this event are quite varied and this year ranged from a tasteful Toyota Supra Turbo to a truly mental Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG 6×6. Luckily for us, there was plenty of cars to go around. Drawing my eye cooking in the Florida sunlight was a drop-dead stunning old Ford.

1954 Ford Sunliner Chrome Trim

This is a 1954 Sunliner, despite all the custom touches. The bright yellow paint, slathering of incredible chrome, and white tufted interior all scream Fab Fifties like nothing else I’ve seen in a long time. The pinstriping adds a great nuance to the Ford’s trim lines and the fairings, skirts, and side exhaust all work to wake up the Ford’s profile too. There was nothing not to like on this polarizing custom Ford. Enjoy the photos.

1954 Ford Sunliner Chrome Hubcap

1954 Ford Sunliner Profile

1954 Ford Sunliner Interior

1954 Ford Sunliner Spotlight


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