Wheelies? From an old Ford? Some say no, Roadkill says “Let’s do it!”

Roadkill is pretty much my favorite automotive online show at this point, because Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger do whatever they can to push the envelope with cars that really should be in a scrapyard. This time, they take a late-40s Ford F6 truck, get rid of its wheezing old flathead V8, and put a big block 454 Chevy V8 behind the rear axle, along with a new transmission and a V-drive to the rear wheels. The result is something so awe-inspring that words don’t describe how great it is. So, I ask you to watch this video, and decide for yourself: Did these two guys make history, or just make fools of themselves? Watch and decide.

-Albert S. Davis


Your Thoughts?

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