Rally Car Showdown On Everyday Driver

The guys at Everyday Driver put together the comparison shootout we’ve all been waiting for: Golf R vs Evo vs STI vs Focus RS.

See which emerges as the ultimate daily weapon!


One thought on “Rally Car Showdown On Everyday Driver”

  1. Although I’m not really a hatch guy (sedans are a little more tolerable), this was a very interesting comparison. Trying not to spoil too much, but what struck me most was how the Evo stacked up.

    Each niche group like this usually has one car that’s noticeably the most hardcore, compared to more comfortable or well-rounded ones. Although the interior materials and ride comfort seemed inferior to the other 3, the crew couldn’t ignore the Evo’s performance and dynamics. Very similar to the Camaro among other muscle cars, or the Viper among other 2-seat high-powered sports cars.


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