1961 Pontiac Ventura at the 2016 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

1961 Pontiac Ventura Front 1

When push comes to shove, most people pay little notice to full-size Pontiacs from the early Sixties. I think that’s a criminal shame, because they’re not as common as the Impalas, DeVilles, and Electras that everyone tends to gravitate to. Pontiac hadn’t yet figured out the big engine/small car formula that would kick off the muscle car era some short years later. This red Ventura is a great example of the clean, effective styling Pontiacs sported in 1961. Couple the gorgeous red paint with the classic 8-lug wheels (introduced in 1960 and a staple of full-size Pontiacs of the era), a sharp character line, and a bubble top that resembled Chevrolet but felt more mature and restrained, and it’s kind of a shock that no one really chases after these. The wide white wall tires finish off a chiseled, transitional look that yearns for the Fifties, but looks forward to the future. Enjoy the photos.

1961 Pontiac Ventura Rim

1961 Pontiac Ventura Headlights

1961 Pontiac Ventura Front 2

1961 Pontiac Ventura Script//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


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