1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV at the Haskell Car Show

Lincoln Mark IV Front

The Continental Mark Series is not just the Crown Prince of Lincolns. It is the undisputed king. And the grand marshal of them all in terms of sheer size and grandiose is the Mark IV, especially those with the safety bumpers from after 1974. These cars were big, bad, and in-charge, and this bright red example brings out the best of the breed, including chrome everywhere, whitewall tires, an enormous spare tire hump, and a fittingly ridiculous opera window.

Lincoln Mark IV Interior

I’m a sucker for Lincolns. Most of you know my history with the brand thanks to the Mark VII Chronicles. If it wasn’t for the smashing success of this lineup, we would never know said chronicles. The Mark IV was designed to loaf down the highway in extruded, synthetic American comfort, with acres of sheetmetal, a cow’s worth of leather (or twenty), shag carpeting thick enough to lose a Sherpa, and a hood ornament to lead the way. Enjoy the photos of this Malaise Era Yankee Clipper.

Lincoln Mark IV Rear

Lincoln Mark IV Wheel and Tire (1)

Lincoln Mark IV Taillight

-Albert S. Davis


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