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Cool and interesting cars that caught our eye either at shows or on the street.

Spotted!! – Bananamobile??

Note the Chiquita sticker on the side, this thing is LEGIT!!!

“Lolwut??”  If the first time you see this, and that is not your response, I am not sure I want to see the vehicle that triggers such a word…. Continue reading Spotted!! – Bananamobile??


Spotted! 1933 Auburn Convertible Sedan, Randolph, NJ

1933 Auburn Convertible Sedan--one of only two left.

While washing my car at a local gas station yesterday, afternoon, a local showed up in this beauty.  It’s one of only 15 ever made in 1933, and one of only two left remaining.  The owner lives locally and is an influential developer in Randolph.  He also owns a few other cars, includuding a late Fifties Corvette, a Camaro, and possibly others.  More pictures after the jump. Continue reading Spotted! 1933 Auburn Convertible Sedan, Randolph, NJ

Spotted!! Panoz Roadster

I was leaving the American Le Mans Series race at Lime Rock, CT when I spotted this ultra-rare beauty!

Panoz Roadster at Lime Rock Park

In 1992, Panoz launched their Roadster, with a 5.0L V8 motor from Ford, this little roadster was meant to get up and go from day 1.  The roadster had no top or cover, nor did it show a place to put one.  It was only offered in a 5 speed manual transmission, and when it came to options and amenities, there were none.  No radio, no a/c, no heater, and again, no place to put one.  The only thing it had was a US DOT mandated heating core for a windshield defroster.  Between the original Roadster (44) and the AIV (Aluminum Intensive Vehicle) Roadster (176), only 220 were produced.


Spotted! Spooky Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo, Central Park

Caught just by Central Park (by 7th Avenue), this tan Lincoln limousine looks very unique. Clearly (by the side graphics), it’s an advertisement for some venue with “Spooky Special Effects” located between 57th and 58th Streets, along 6th Avenue.


Major props to whoever was responsible for the appearance, it’s eye-catching and seriously cool.