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This showcases the history behind obscure or notable automobiles from various eras

Obscure Auto: Toyota 2000GT

Just keep staring at it. I know I can't stop staring at it.

Before the Nissan Skyline GT-R, there was the Toyota 2000GT, widely regarded to be the first truly collectable Japanese car, and one of the first true Japanese supercars.  Toyota, up until that point, was widely considered to be the producer of rather dull, basic automobiles.  When the 2000GT hit the streets, though, the notion of Japanese cars being “boring” was shattered. Continue reading Obscure Auto: Toyota 2000GT


Obscure Auto: Mega Track

This epic monster is a very special supercar called the Mega Track. It is basically a supercar taken to an entirely different level in that it is off road capable. Back in the mid ‘90s there was nothing else like it, and today there isn’t either.     Continue reading Obscure Auto: Mega Track

Obscure Auto: Alfa Romeo 164 Pro-Car

Things aren't always what they seem--looks like a 164...goes like hell.

Most, if not all, car nuts know what the 164 was.  When it was introduced, it became the last non-roadster that Alfa sold in the USA.  However, it has a dirty secret hidden under its bodywork, one that turned this unassuming little Italian sedan into a fire-breathing monster.  Only one was ever built, but it survives to this day–the Pro-Car. Continue reading Obscure Auto: Alfa Romeo 164 Pro-Car

Obscure Auto: Schuppan 962CR

Shuppan 962CR

This is basically a road version of the Porsche 962C that raced in Group C in the late 1980s. The Schuppan 962CR is its own chassis design based on that of the racing car, and uses many Porsche parts, but it does not bear the Porsche nameplate because it was a separate undertaking by one of their racing drivers, Vern Shuppan. In total only five or six of these magnificent supercars were built, making them some of the rarest cars on Earth. Schuppan went bankrupt due to the high cost of the cars as well as two customers failing to make payment. Such is the reality of all too many small supercar ventures.     Continue reading Obscure Auto: Schuppan 962CR