Paralyzed Racer Aims for Indy 500

One of the biggest fears of any car enthusiast is being paralyzed, and not being able to drive. This video, from Jalopnik on Drive, is about Michael Johnson, a guy who was paralyzed in an accident, but has still managed to become a professional race car driver. Michael has a very real chance of making his way to the IndyCar series, all without the use of his legs. No joke, this may be the most inspiring thing I have seen in quite some time. Hopefully we will see Michael spraying champagne at the Indy 500 in the coming years! Enjoy.


One thought on “Paralyzed Racer Aims for Indy 500”

  1. Any you leave the tarmac your going to dig in the tire and rim and dltamaicarly upset the dynamics of any vehicle. This is why nobody should drive at high speed without a helmet for all occupants, especially when doing road work. Years back at a track day, I witnessed a flip by a guy in t-top Trans_Am, the tops ejected and his head was bouncing on the track. Luckily _fortunately required_ he had on a helmet that saved his life. Better seat belt adjustment would have helped in that situation. Tighten those belts when driving at risky speeds.


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