Spotted! Citroen SM, Sedona, AZ

Citroen SM Citroen SM


I found this Citroen SM in the parking lot of a hotel yesterday. The SM is a very interesting car. After Citroen purchased Maserati in 1968, they began development on a flagship grand touring car. The SM debuted at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, and they produced it through 1975. The SM is remains one of the only true gran touring cars to have front wheel drive, with the same Maserati V6 found in the original Quattroporte and Merak under its hood, producing between 170-180hp. Thanks to its sleek aerodynamics, the Citroen SM could reach 140mph, and onwers said it had no problem cruising at a steady 120mph on the autobahn. Today the SM exudes a level of class and style rivaled by few other cars on the road, and that is why I took the time to shoot these pics. Enjoy.

-Nick Walker


2 thoughts on “Spotted! Citroen SM, Sedona, AZ”

  1. Back in the early 80s I would take my TVR to a repair shop in Queens, NY that specialized in maintaining SMs. On any given day there would be at least three of them in this shop or waiting for a customer pickup. they were indeed incredible. I had the opportunity to drive one and it was oddly divine, like no other automobile I’ve EVER driven. Wish I could say the same for my TVR other than the fact that IT TOO was like no other automobile in more negatively designated ways.


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