1957 Ford at the New Hope Car Show

This past August, I was busy taking pictures with Nick at the New Hope Car Show, an event which, although not billed as a Concours, has cars that would certainly look at home in one.  Day One, August 10, is reserved for American cars.  This year, during the awards, we were taking detail shots when my eardrums on both sides of my head got a big jolt.  I turned around, and there was this rather ordinary-looking 1957 Ford two-door sedan sitting in traffic idling behind me.  However, the dog-dish hubcaps and rather loud shade of red spoke to something sinister–if there’s one thing I learned over my years, it was that this Ford, with its fetching red paint and rumbling exhaust, was hiding something wicked under the hood.  After a quick chat with the owner, I was delighted to hear that this ’57 was packing some serious punch–in fact, this thing was running a supercharged 292 cubic inch V8 with 300 brake horsepower–a huge sum at that time, and even though I wasn’t sure if it was original, I certainly enjoyed the soundtrack and the straightness of the bodywork.  I had not seen a ’57 Ford as clean as this one until that point, and I haven’t seen one as good cosmetically since then.  Enjoy the photos.


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