Spotted! Chevrolet Silverado Limousine, Route 1 in Delaware

On our way back from the St. Michael’s Concours at the end of last September, Nick and I stumbled on a rather strange sight.  We were stuck in traffic with traffic leaving Dover Speedway after a NASCAR race, and weren’t really paying much attention to the cars around us until this traffic light.  What we initially thought was simply a pickup truck with a cover on the bed turned out to be something much more wacky.  As we inched closer, we both realized that this must be the ultimate redneck chariot.  Complete with a NASCAR-style spoiler, a set of roll-cage-like bars on the rear window, and a smorgasbord of sponsorship decals, this big Chevrolet limo might just be the classiest way to travel to and from a NASCAR event.  I can’t say that I like it.  I can’t say that I’d want it.  But I can say that I sort of respect its  insanity.  Someone took the time and spent the cash to create what might be the most unique limousine I’ve ever seen.  Props to the guys who thought this up.

Spotted by: Al and Nick


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