1949 Chrysler Town and Country at the New Hope Auto Show

Chrysler TC Convertible Front Right Angle

In 1949, Chrysler redesigned their entire lineup for the first time since the end of World War II. The postwar era was officially in full swing, but the Town and Country would continue to sell for a few more years despite its existence as one of the last wood-bodied cars that the Big Three would sell. This was the second to last year for the Town and Country, and the sales proved that buyers weren’t swayed by its attractive wood panels since the price tag was rather high. In fact, only 993 convertibles were built last year.

List price for this car was $3,765 in 1949, which translates to a new price of just about 40 grand today. They’re worth far more than that–in fact, one sold at a Christie’s auction a few years ago for over $150,000. Someone was kind enough to bring one of these 1949 models to the New Hope Car Show last summer and I took some time out at the end of the show to photograph this green one, which is still the only 1949 model I’ve ever seen. Enjoy the photos.

Chrysler TC Convertible Wheel

Chrysler TC Convertible Rear Panel

Chrysler TC Convertible Rear Angle

Chrysler TC Convertible Interior

Chrysler TC Convertible Front


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