Fiat 600 Jolly at the Greenwich Concours

Fiat 600 Beach Car at the Greenwich Concours

Imagine cruising down the Amalfi Coast in this funky little Fiat Jolly beach car. Steep mountains on one side, indigo water on the other, passing through colorful towns that reach up the cliff sides. It seems like something out of a daydream, but I like to think that Fiat built their beach cars expressly for such a purpose.

We saw this Fiat 600 Jolly at the auction during the Greenwich Concours a few weeks back, and it drew quite a bit of attention. With its flashy “salmon” color and its beautifully simplistic whicker seats, it is a car with a good balance of function and form. With its totally open design, this Fiat is a care-free car that is really only good for cruising around at the beach. It is a seriously focused leisure machine.

Enjoy the pics!

Fiat 600 Beach Car Whicker Seats
Fiat 600 Beach Car Interior
Classic Fiat 600 Beach Car
Fiat 600 Beach Car Rear

-Nick Walker

3 thoughts on “Fiat 600 Jolly at the Greenwich Concours”

  1. I own one of these…make sure you put the lap belt on so you stay in the car when cornering…tons of fun and always a conversation starter. Ron


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