1969 Ford Mustang Notchback spotted in Somerset, NJ

1969 Ford Mustang Right Front

After a day at work in Somerset NJ, I went out with a few co-workers to relax and enjoy the beginning of the weekend at The Stage House just around the corner. While parking my car, I saw this orange Mustang backed into a prime parking spot right up front. As I was taking pictures, my manager, Martin, who purchased a Deep Impact Blue 2014 Mustang GT last year, met up with me and said “I parked and just had to go and look at this.” It’s pretty clear–the Mustang, especially those from the Sixties, are consistently crowd-pleasers. This one, with its flashy orange paint and black torque-thrust style wheels, looked fantastic. The interior looked rather original too and was pretty much unmolested save for a set of speakers and a new head unit. In all, this is a great example of a Mustang that someone can drive a bit more often with a good sound system and grippier tires for unexpected weather. Enjoy the photos.

1969 Ford Mustang Taillights

1969 Ford Mustang Rim

1969 Ford Mustang Rear

1969 Ford Mustang Headlights

1969 Ford Mustang Left Front

1969 Ford Mustang Badge Detail

-Albert S. Davis

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