Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser spotted in Carmel, CA

1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Front

While Nick was busy walking to the rental car after we got done taking photos at Bonhams, I was busy trying to line up a shot of a rather humorous “YOLO” style plate on a Lamborghini Gallardo when one of my all-time favorite early-Seventies pieces of Americana rolled into view. These guys were a cool bunch, and when I asked them the most important question of “What’s under the hood?” they simply said it was running a 455 cubic inch big block V8. Frankly, when it comes to an early Seventies Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, a 455 is the most acceptable engine in a most classy way to transport your groovy Seventies clan. Combine that with a good looking light blue, wood simulation on the sides, and the great sunlight of Central California in August, and the recipe for fun is nearly complete. Enjoy the photos.

1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Rear

Spotted by: Albert S. Davis

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