Rockefeller’s Imperial Limo at the 2014 Radnor Hunt Concours

Rockefeller Limo Front

When it comes to the Rockefeller family, it’s hard not to think of money, prestige, fame, politics, and limousines. This particularly extravagant limo is a 1960 Imperial with a body by Ghia and an interior to die for. 17 of these Ghia-bodied limos left the factory in 1960 and this is the only one ordered without the third set of rear-side windows (making this a 5-window model as opposed to a 7-window). Nelson D. Rockefeller ordered this car when he was elected Governor of New York back in 1960 and outfitted it with emergency lights, a fabric rear seat, and vinyl half-roof. Governor Rockefeller rode in genuine style from his inauguration in 1960 (in this car) and until the end of his time in Albany, and had a penchant for Imperials, using this and another later model in the late Sixties. To make this an even more exclusive type of vehicle, there was actually a sister Ghia-bodied limo like this one, but it was owned by the one and only Jacqueline Kennedy. Rarefied air, indeed. It’s fit for a Rockefeller, it’s fit for a Kennedy, it’s probably even fit for royalty. Enjoy the photos of this regal official car.

Rockefeller Limo Profile

Rockefeller Limo Wheel

Rockefeller Limo Front License Plate

Rockefeller Limo Taillight

Rockefeller Limo Rear

-Albert S. Davis


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