1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Scaglietti Spyder at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa Front Angle

When it comes to the low and lithe 250 Testa Rossa, few other Ferraris have the same combination of sex appeal, speed, and freakish good looks. Paint one yellow and red, and a Concours judge will pay attention for quite a while. It got my attention too, considering I had to fight people tooth and nail just to get a few good snaps of this one. Pebble Beach was happy to feature the 250 Testa Rossa this past year and dedicated the end of the 17th fairway to a fleet of them for all to see and adore. This yellow and red example owned by Harry Yeaggy and Willis Murphy, Jr won 2nd in class and had ownership of an incredible history–this was a customer car, raced for an extensive period of time. It lost its engine and had to race with a Chevy V8, but 19 years ago was reunited with its original engine, which is now back in the car for the first time since this Testa Rossa was delivered in 1958. “Stunning” isn’t the right word. “Terrific” better covers it. Enjoy the photos.

1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa Wheel

1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa Interior

1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa Exhaust Pipes

1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa Awards Ceremony

-Albert S. Davis


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