A Pair of Ferrari 458s spotted in Boca Raton, FL

Silver 458 Front

On my first full day in Boca Raton a few weeks ago, my first order of business was to take the rented Camaro convertible I had and drive around, getting some sun and getting in a bit of time on the golf course by my grandmother’s apartment. Later, I took the Camaro for some sightseeing at Mizner Park, the high-end shopping district a mile or two away from the beach. While I was there, sightseeing cars was the order of the afternoon, especially once I saw a few Ferraris parked outside the shops on the street. One was parked outside a high-end jewelry shop, while the other was parked outside a coffee shop down one alley. The one outside the coffee shop had a dark gray finish which showed up green in the sunlight–combine that with the palm trees and stone flag streets, and the Ferraris look like they belong as if no other car does. Enjoy the photos.

Silver 458 Rear

Gray 458 Front

Gray 458 Rear

Spotted by: Albert S. Davis


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