1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray spotted in Carmel, CA

1969 Corvette Front

When Nick and I start spotting in Carmel after a long day of chasing exotics and shooting ultra-rare machines in static settings all over the area at shows every day, we sort of drift around Ocean Avenue and side streets, often splitting the area. My preferred zone is a spot right in the middle of Ocean Avenue, near the top of the hill. While Nick was busy shooting exotics, I was focusing primarily on any offbeat car I could find, or whatever American classic happened to show up. Luckily, it wasn’t long before my patience was rewraded by this fetching blue Stingray.

The young adult driving this ’69 Stingray seemed affable–and he was rather proud of this machine. With clean lines and a classic soundtrack, the C3 Corvette was the last of the muscle car-esque Corvettes, and would be the last to offer a big-block V8 as an option. This one didn’t have a rat motor (it was powered by a 350 small block) but still grabbed everyone’s attention, including mine. Enjoy the photos.

1969 Corvette Profile

1969 Corvette Rear

-Albert S. Davis

4 thoughts on “1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray spotted in Carmel, CA”

  1. Indeed…one of my favorites. Note as well that these classic beauties are relatively affordable. The C3 was arguably the most magnificent Vette design EVER. It also had such a long run!


    1. Very true, but that said, only the first few years are actually worth owning. I’d be too embarrassed to drive a car with a huge V8 that makes less power than a four-banger econobox. It’s kind of pathetic. But that’s just me and my hatred for “most” American cars built from 1974 to around 2008. haha


  2. It did have a long run. Only generation to cross three decades. Shame it went all Disco Inferno on us after 1974.


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