Calling It Early: The Cadillac CT6 is Really the CTS Replacement

Cadillac CT6 Calling It

This isn’t any sort of official “scoop”, more of an educated hunch. But I think I can see a lot of where Cadillac is going to be headed in the next few years from the details of the CT6 alone. This hunch came about when I heard that Cadillac had announced it would be killing off the XTS, CTS, and ATS in the next few years.

You see, everyone seems to think that the CT6 is going to be a BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class competitor, but Now I can see how it won’t be. In fact it is effectively the replacement for both the current CTS and XTS, and it represents an entirely new approach for the Cadillac brand. One which they will be expanding upon in the coming years. Here is how I have come to this idea.

  1. The CT6 has the same engine options as the CTS and BMW 5 Series, not a BMW 7 Series
  2. Nobody is going to pay $70k for the 4-banger CT6, so it will need to overlap the CTS’s pricing.
  3. It may have many similar dimensions to a 7 Series, but it weighs the same as a 5 series
  4. Cadillac keeps claiming their S-Class and 7 Series competitor is still to come. So the CT6 has to be lower.

What we can pull from this is not only that the CT6 is really the CTS successor, but also Cadillac’s new approach to making cars…. and that is “Bigger and Better.”

Look at the Cadillac CT6 compared to the BMW 5 Series. It weighs the same, it will have similar prices, and, with similar engines, will have similar performance. But the CT6 also offers cabin space and many luxury features generally reserved the class above. With the CT6, Cadillac is offering a BMW 5 Series rival, but with the luxury of a BMW 7 Series. It is literally bigger and better than a 5er.

I think Cadillac will apply this approach to all of their new models, offering luxury and space that is above the norm for each segment. It completely explains their obsession with making their cars light weight, so they can offer more tangible size than the competition, without sacrificing performance or fuel economy.

The ATS and CTS have both received complaints for being too small for their class, in terms of cabin space. Plainly, being cramped has never been the Cadillac way. That is probably why they are saying there will be no direct successors to the CTS and ATS, because those models are “Smaller and Better”, not “Bigger and Better.”

We can likely expect the effective ATS replacement to be called the CT4, and likely be around the size of a BMW 5 Series with the weight of a 3 Series. The CT6 is basically replacing the CTS, as explained above. Finally, the Big Daddy Caddy will likely dubbed the CT8. It should offer Rolls Royce and Bentley levels of luxury for the price of a BMW 7 Series or Mercedes S-Class.

Why hasn’t Cadillac just called the CT6 the CTS’s replacement? Because they just brought out the new CTS two years ago, and they’d still like to be able to sell them. It’s common knowledge that you don’t badmouth your own product. That’s what us bloggers are for, to call things as they are.

If I’m right, and this new “Bigger and Better” approach is for real, then Cadillac is back!

-Nick Walker

9 thoughts on “Calling It Early: The Cadillac CT6 is Really the CTS Replacement”

  1. VERY insightful…now all they really need to do to keep my interest is to keep the whole “wagon” context in mind. I’m sick of SUVs, and crossovers consuming the intent of motor companies.


    1. I don’t see the Wagon coming back. I was a GM sales person for 3 years when gm offered a CTS wagon and sold 2 in 3 years. sold a sedan or coup almost every month.


      1. Yes, unfortunately the wagon probably won’t be coming back. A manual V wagon is a great place to put your money right now for the future too.


  2. I drove the ATS for a year and it was a death trap. Just about everything in this car failed. I now drive a CTS with everything on it. In fact, I have a toy sink and now I have everything and the kitchen sink. The CTS is luxury with a price that younger drivers can come close in purchasing price ($45000). The CTS has a lot of power with its 2.0 L turbo engine and I drove a Vette. Many people tell me that the styling is fantastic. With the new CT6 there are problems. First, the cost starts at $54000 and many younger people will find this base price out of their reach. At $10000 more, you only get a 4 cylinder engine with the CT6. The style of the CT6 seems to be a puffed up CTS. Its length is only 8 inches longer and 2 inches wider. However, the space inside the car is not much more then my CTS. And finally, the most important difference between the cars is the cup holders. My CTS has a motorized cup cover but the CT6 cover is manual.


  3. GM has failed me. I cant find a real soft suspension full sized car out there. The new line up crowds my knee has little shoulder room and even less cargo room. And I refuse to drive a CUV. I want a land yacht, hoping the CT8 to be one.

    Until that time I wil buy every 1990 and 2000 used car I can find. I will not buy any new cars. they dont address my ideal car size.


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