Classic Ford Thunderbird Rehoboth Beach

Spotting from Memorial Day Weekend in Rehoboth Beach, DE


I just got back from an awesome but exhausting Memorial Day Weekend getaway on the Delaware Shore with my girlfriend and family. Piggybacking off of the Ford Bronco from Saturday, I want to share some other great cars we saw while out and about. Rehoboth Beach is a lively town, with lots of interesting cars running around. These are what I was able to catch with my phone.

I should also mention that I did see a Ferrari 599 GTB as well as a Mercedes SLR McLaren parked in driveways in a ritzy neighborhood along the coast, but I couldn’t get pics, unfortunately.

My favorite has the be the Ford Thunderbird, featured above. We saw it roll through town later on the same evening, and the thing was a total show-stopper. Below, we saw a Land Rover Defender, Mercedes SL63 AMG and Dodge Viper GTS, respectively.

Fun weekend, enjoy the pics!

Land Rover Defender in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Mercedes SL63 AMG in Rehoboth Beach, DEDodge Viper GTS in Rehoboth Beach, DE



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