2016 Toyota Prius, Designed By The Blind, For The Blind

2016 Toyota Prius

I’m all for equal opportunity employment, certain issues may hinder some people from doing certain jobs. At Toyota, it would seem that their design team is entirely made up of people without eyes, and they have brought us this hideous new Prius for 2016.

But what about sales, surely they expect people with eyes to buy the new Prius, otherwise it would be a total market failure. But I doubt anyone blessed with the gift of sight would want to be seen in something like this. So with that, I will have to assume that anyone driving a brand new Prius is in fact blind, and I will be sure to notify the authorities at once!

2016 Toyota Prius Rear

Look, I’m all for Toyota employing blind people, just not in the design department. My guess is the same person who designed the new Prius also brought us this automotive abomination:

Toyota Mirai

Seriously, though, how on earth did either of these designs make it through quality control. They are both utterly hideous, and if the designer isn’t actually blind as a bat, they should be fired and encouraged to pursue a new career path.



4 thoughts on “2016 Toyota Prius, Designed By The Blind, For The Blind”

  1. I agree,
    Electric cars like the Prius should look like Ferrari 250 GTs or Jaguar E-Types,
    I’m not against owning an electric car, but when they look like a Prius, I just think, “Nahhh”. Lol


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