Twin-Turbo DeLorean up for auction at Bonhams Greenwich, 2015

Turbocharged Delorean Front//

And here, I present the only DeLorean I’ve ever seen that might have a decent shot at making it to 88 miles per hour before slamming into the front of the Twin Pines Mall. This is no ordinary DeLorean that I laid eyes on at the auction tent in Greenwich this past summer. I’d read up on this before turning up and I gleefully discovered that this one’s got a twin turbocharger on it. It’s not a factory part, of course (all DeLorean DMC-12s came from the factory with a genuinely anemic PRV V6, good for a pathetic 109 MPH thanks to emissions regulations and low power output), but the swap was there.

Turbocharged Delorean Wheel//

It wasn’t the best Delorean I’d seen, but according to Bonhams, the car ran and drove and was good to register. For such a low car, it’s surprisingly roomy inside, even for Nick, who’s got the frame of a hockey player and towers over me by about seven inches. Enjoy the photos–this car ended up selling at the Bonhams auction for around $22,000 with premium, and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t go after it.

Turbocharged Delorean Rear//

Turbocharged Delorean Rear Side//

Turbocharged Delorean Lights//

Turbocharged Delorean Interior//

Turbocharged Delorean Instrument Panel//

-Albert S. Davis


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