The Aston Martin DB11 is WOW!

First impressions. How you make your entrance sets the tone for how you’ll be perceived, as well as the context for every subsequent action.

Well if looks can kill, call me dead and buried because this 2017 Aston Martin DB11 is beyond pretty. When I think of automotive beauty, the first car that pops into my mind is an Aston Martin. They’ve always been beautiful, but somehow Aston has kept upping the ante over the years. Modernity is treating them well.

So when a car’s first impression looks like the DB11, I almost wouldn’t even care if it had a lawnmower engine under the hood. But thankfully, that’s far from the case. The DB11 has a twin turbo 5.2L V12 lurking beneath its lusty lines, and it’s said to be in the neighborhood of 600hp. With that kind of thrust, top speed should easily be north of 200mph, unless the gearing is too short.

Aston Martins have never been all about the numbers, though. They’re way too cool for that. What really matters is the style, the craftsmanship, and the experience of the drive. As a grand tourer, it’s not just a car, it’s a substitute for a plane ticket. Aston Martins are for the type of person who appreciates that the journey is often preferable to the destination.

So I look forward to learning more about the DB11 this week, as the 2016 Geneva Motor Show brings all sorts of excitement to the car world. Everything I’ve heard of this new Aston so far has been great; it may even have the option of a manual gearbox (fingers crossed). Now that we’ve laid eyes on the DB11’s full form, I think we can be confident Aston Martin is on the right track.

-Nick Walker


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