RUF BTR Slantnose spotted in Fernadina Beach, FL


While waiting for the shuttle to check out the auction at the Omni at Amelia Island, Nick and I caught a somewhat familiar sight of a slantnose Porsche rolling through the quiet streets. However, this was not a Porsche. This is a RUF BTR, the first of the line for the RUF series of modified Porsches. This is one of less than 35 made and it looked pristine. The paint simply stuck out like a sore thumb among the endless sea of beige and silver trucks and rental cars scattering the landscape. Plus, how often is it that anyone sees a RUF, of any kind, running around? This is pretty much like seeing Keith Richards or Mick Jagger in person at a grocery store for Porschephiles. Enjoy the photos.


-Albert S. Davis


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