Infiniti QX80 Limited Review: The Plush Utility Vehicle

Infiniti QX80 Limited Review 1

I believe the term is “Land Yacht.” A massive, expensive way of getting from place to place for people who like to take up their slightly-more-than-fair share of space in the world. It also works great if you have a large family, although, most forms of birth control are a lot cheaper than this $90,000 behemoth.

Either way, if this is the way you want to get around in the world, then the Infiniti QX80 Limited will do a lot to float your boat. Maybe a Cadillac Escalade is too “Tony Soprano” for you. Maybe you’d like a Mercedes GLS, but, unfortunately, your local dealer just sold their last one to another real estate agent who’s drowning themselves in payments trying to “project an image of success” to their clients. Have no fear, the QX80 is here to save the day, and you just might be glad you didn’t get the others.

Infiniti QX80 Limited Review 3

Why do I say this? Because the QX80 Limited does a lot of things right. Sure, it looks like a fancy whale on the outside, and that may take some getting used to, but it’s also REALLY nice. The interior on the Limited model is absolutely breathtaking, with its brown quilted leather and fine wood appointments. It’s very comfortable to be in, and there’s a lot of room to stretch out (one of the perks of being a land yacht).

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On the road the QX80 drives like a smooth truck. It’s definitely massive, but it actually handles pretty tight for its size. It’s 5.6L V8 has some nice punch too, with 400hp on tap. It should have no trouble getting up to speed on the highway, or bulldozing Priuses out of the left lane.

The QX80, like all of these land barge SUVs, is meant to be an immaculate cruiser for you and a few friends. If you can stomach the fuel costs (which will be hefty), this mighty Infiniti is great for long trips.

Infiniti QX80 Limited Review 7

Dollars and Sense

This Infiniti QX80 Limited is the top-of-the-line model, and as I said earlier, runs about $90,000. The good news is it already has every feature that’s an option on lower QX80 models, so you don’t get nickel and dimed further. Just on principle, I have to respect Infiniti for that.

For me, the closest competitor for the QX80 Limited has to be the Lexus LX570, which is the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser in a fine suit. Infiniti definitely has a better reputation for reliability than Cadillac or Mercedes, but Lexus, they’re the last word in long term quality for the entire industry. That said, the Lexus does climb in price toward the $100,000 mark, but that’s still near-as-makes-no-difference for buyers in this range.

I guess it comes down to how you’ll be using your plush utility vehicle. The Lexus is an insanely competent luxury off-roader, capable of taming the Moab without asking you to break a sweat. The Infiniti, on the other hand, is based on a pickup truck chassis, and may be a better daily cruiser for those staying on tarmac.

Infiniti QX80 Limited Review 6


I think the Infiniti QX80 Limited is a solid way to spend your money if you dream about a massive luxo-barge in your life. I can’t say it’s the absolute best option, but it’s certainly a good value, all things considered. The QX80 is a sumptuously plush vehicle that ticks all the boxes, and I’d totally understand why anyone would choose it.

Me, personally, though, I’d forgo the posh badge and have myself a Toyota Land Cruiser.

MoM Score:  Infiniti QX80 Limited
Primary Function: Luxury: 2
Secondary Functions: Performance(1) Practicality(2) MPG(1): 1.5
Visual Appeal: 2
Build Quality: 2
Value for Money: 1
Final Score: 8.5 /10

-Nick Walker


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