1991 Dodge Spirit R/T at the Radnor Hunt Car Corral

1991 Dodge Spirit R:T Front

A Dodge Spirit does not belong in a Concours. It belongs in a Cars and Coffee if and only if Grandma Mildred or Grandpa Irving need to make a morning run to the local Pathmark to get fresh bread before the grandchildren show up. However, what you’re staring at today is not a normal Dodge Spirit. Carroll Shelby (may he rest in peace) got ahold of this one, and managed to turn a pereniall snore-mobile into one of Chrysler’s more eclectic fast sedans.

1991 Dodge Spirit R:T Rear 1

During an era when turbocharged sedans was somewhat of a novelty, and the best cheap American performance sedan was the Ford Taurus SHO, Dodge set out to match it with two less cylinders, more-primitive suspension, and a turbocharger the size of Refrigerator Perry. The dowdy little 2.2L engine gained a 16-valve head and tuning from Lotus, bringing maximum power up to over 220HP, quite a lot for the era. This was, in fact, a performance bargain, at $17K starting price, with air conditioning and power steering standard. Dodge made a few thousand of them, but they are few and far between today. Enjoy the photos of this unusual hot-rod Dodge.

1991 Dodge Spirit R:T Shelby Label

1991 Dodge Spirit R:T Rear 2

1991 Dodge Spirit R:T Badge

-Albert S. Davis


3 thoughts on “1991 Dodge Spirit R/T at the Radnor Hunt Car Corral”

  1. As far as I understand it, Shelby never had any direct input on the Spirit R/T, as his partnership ended in 1989 and the Spirit R/T was released for 1991 and 1992 with just over 1400 produced.


      1. Thanks guys, I’ll make the changes. I thought he was responsible for some of the handiwork. I’ll make the updates ASAP.


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