The VW Arteon Concept will be the CC part deux

vwartseon vwarteonconcpet

As of right now, the Volkswagen CC replacement is only this sketch on a piece of paper, but my God, am I in love with it. As of now, they’re calling the concept the “Arteon”, but it may well be called the CC again by the time it hits showrooms.

I fell in love with the original Volkswagen CC concept when I saw it at the 2007 Pebble Beach Concours, and I’ve had one as my daily driver since 2014. The sleek lines and style of the CC were what drew me in, and the Arteon concept looks like it will only improve on the CC.

Another part of me is also hoping that the Arteon may actually become the next Volkswagon Phaeton, adding the CC’s sleek style to the old Phaeton’s top-tier luxury. I think if they executed it right, such a car could do quite well.

Either way, I’m definitely loving what I’m seeing so far.



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