1969 M-Code Plymouth Road Runner at Lime Rock

1969 M Code 4 Speed Road Runner Front

We’ve featured a few of the famous “M-Code” Plymouth Road Runners here at MoM in the past, but it never gets old for me. Plymouth was usually rather subtle when it came to putting big block V8s in their muscle cars for some time. They would put a small “426 Hemi” badge on the fender, keep the color schemes subtle, and let the engine do the talking. However, the new Road Runner attracted younger buyers, so Chrysler decided to up the visual ante by about a million notches. Enter the M-Code 440+6 Road Runner.

1969 M Code 4 Speed Road Runner Taillight

The last one of these I saw was triple black and packed the heavy-duty A727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission. This time, it’s a white one, packing the transmission from the River Styx–the A-833 four speed manual. With an advertised 390 gross HP under the throttle, be prepared for a wild, smoky ride. A blacked out hood, red line tires, and the meanest exhaust note this side of a Miller Genuine Draft complete the effect. Enjoy the photos of this monster of the road.

1969 M Code 4 Speed Road Runner Rear

1969 M Code 4 Speed Road Runner Interior

-Albert S. Davis

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