The mighty little Autozam AZ1 at the Misselwood Concours

Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 10

When you tell someone you drive a turbocharged mid engined sports car with gullwing doors, they may expect you to roll up in a Pagani Huayra. Imagine the look of surprise on their face when you roll up in this, an Autozam AZ1, instead.

It’s part of an interesting Japanese segment known as a kei cars, or “light cars.” The segment included other passenger vehicles like vans and such, but the Autozam AZ1 was a kei sports car.

Autozam was sold as a sub-brand of Mazda, but the AZ1 had a turbocharged 657cc Suzuki engine under it’s hood. It makes 64hp and 63 ft/lbs of torque, but that’s not actually too bad in a car weighing only 1,500lbs. It’s the gullwing go kart of your wildest dreams.

Despite being a small bite of awesome today, the Autozam AZ1 was not successful in its day. It launched in 1992, right as a recession was taking hold in Japan, and the AZ1 was seen as too expensive for its market segment. As a result, only 4,392 Autozam AZ1s were built, making it the rarest of the kei sports cars out there.

It certainly has a lot of flavor, and who doesn’t love those gullwing doors? It’s a proper bite sized exotic!

Enjoy the photos!

Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 5
Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 3 Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 6
Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 8 Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 7
Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 11 Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 4
Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 9 Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 1
Autozam AZ1 Misselwood 2

-Nick Walker


3 thoughts on “The mighty little Autozam AZ1 at the Misselwood Concours”

  1. Great article on my car. Only factoid missing was the car was built by Suzuki. Suzuki produced 531 Cara their name for the identical OEM badged units.

    The car does drive like the best gull winged go cart ever made. At 5’10” I just fit with little room to spare.


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