A BMW Z8 with a killer interior combo at the Misselwood Concours

BMW Z8 Misselwood 8

The BMW Z8 is such a handsome car with its classico-modern BMW 507 homage design. The right interior sets the look off even more, and this Z8 at the Misselwood Concours had it. Silver is a rather dull color, but with a bright red, black and silver interior, it was a total head turner. Business on the outside, party on the inside.

The BMW Z8 is one hell of a roadster. It has the 4.9L V8 from a BMW M5 underneath its classic looks that sends power through a proper manual gearbox. It’s a total dream car, and that’s why its value has either held or exceeded its original MSRP of $128,000 over time. Right now asking prices range from as much as $300,000 for top examples down to around $130,000 for cars with some miles on them. Buy at the right price and a Z8 is a car you can drive and enjoy and it won’t really cost you anything over time.

It’s always a pleasure seeing a Z8, especially in such a scenic place as this. Enjoy!

BMW Z8 Misselwood 4
BMW Z8 Misselwood 5 BMW Z8 Misselwood 1
BMW Z8 Misselwood 7
BMW Z8 Misselwood 3 BMW Z8 Misselwood 11
BMW Z8 Misselwood 9 BMW Z8 Misselwood 6
BMW Z8 Misselwood 12 BMW Z8 Misselwood 2

-Nick Walker


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