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A Tiny Peel Trident Spotted at Amelia Island

Peel Trident Amelia Island

The Peel Trident is one of the smallest motor cars on Earth, and this was the first time I’ve seen one go by on the street. It’s comical seeing a car so tiny zipping along on its own power with an average size person driving it. Honestly, I just burst out laughing.



Peel P50 at Amelia Island: The World’s Smallest Car

Peel P50 Amelia Island 1

This is the Peel P50, and as I said in the title, it is the world’s smallest car. It was made famous in modern times by Top Gear, and I’ve included that hilarious bit below for your enjoyment.

This was the first time I’ve ever seen a Peel P50 in person, and it is really, really tiny. I’m talking like not even up to my waist. It would be so awesome to have a Peel P50 just to zoom around the house in, but they don’t come cheap these days. This red one sold for a hefty $176,000 at RM Auctions Amelia Island. Check out more info on it here.

Enjoy Clarkson’s antics…