1937 Cord 812 at the Radnor Hunt Concours, 2013

It’s pretty clear that I hold anything with the Cord name in a good amount of regard.  They were innovators in the 1930s and were tragically out of business by 1938.  The 812 was one of the most advanced cars they’d ever made, right before the demise of the company.  The 812 included a supercharged straight-8 by Lycoming hooked up to a semi-automatic transmission, as well as a fully independent front suspension with front-wheel-drive–a first for anything built in America.  This was also the very first car from the States to utilize concealed headlights, which could be raised by a set of interior knobs.  Many other features, including a set of variable speed wipers and a concealed fuel filler, were also either not seen previously on other cars, or had not been a common feature at the time.  Unfortunately, Cord did not produce many and was not able to sell them well during the Depression, despite intense initial interest.  This butter-yellow convertible looked striking against the rolling hills and leafy trees of Malvern, Pennsylvania.  Enjoy the photos.

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