Corvette, Baja Bug, Mustang, Kit Cobra spotted in Monterey, CA

20130817-Pebble Beach 2013 Saturday 425-3

Towards the end of the day on the Saturday we were in Monterey, I was completely tired out.  Running on fumes, Nick went to go shoot a Ferrari Enzo and F50 outside the Monterey Marriott while I went to a nearby Subway to get a few drinks.  After recharging and ignoring the shooting pain in my left knee, I hobbled outside to the street corner and started taking pictures.  It didn’t take long for a few cars to show up.  Hit the pictures for more thoughts on each of these cars. The Baja Bug came first, then I quickly shot the red Mustang while that light was still red.  Once the light went green, I snapped the lime-green Cobra kit car crossing the street and the Corvette a moment later.  They certainly didn’t draw the crowds the Ferraris on the Marriott entrance were, but these four cars never once looked out of place.  Enjoy the photos.

20130817-Pebble Beach 2013 Saturday 427-3

Monterey Intersection Cobra Kit

Monterey Intersection Corvette Stingray

-Albert S. Davis


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