BMW i8 Spotted in Monterey, CA

BMW i8 in Monterey California

We are currently out at Monterey Car Week having a blast. We know we’ve missed a few posts in the last couple days, but that’s because we have been quite busy gathering all sorts of fantastic content, so fear not friends!

Just so none of you feel neglected, here is a BMW i8 we saw out and about tonight. There has been a few of these things running around the Monterey area, and we’re hoping to do a more proper shoot of one before the weekend comes to a close.

We are seeing, and even driving, all kinds of awesome things out here, and we will be sharing it all with you in the coming weeks. Be excited!



2 thoughts on “BMW i8 Spotted in Monterey, CA”

  1. Nick…welcome to Pebble…what a week….Swing over to the Brass Class on Sunday…we’ll have the most incredible 1910 American Underslung Special Traveler in it’s 1st public appearance. Look for Ron and introduce yourself. You may spot me driving around the peninsula in a 1950 Hudson Hornet. Enjoy the weekend…Ron


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