Ferrari Testarossa Spider spotted in Pebble Beach, CA

Ferrari Testarossa Spider Front Angle

At Pebble Beach during Monterey Car Week, the adage I tend to go by is “Expect the unexpected.” This is never more clear when I’m spotting cars with Nick around Carmel or in the Pebble Beach Golf Links complex itself, as was this particular case. While walking around the street and shooting cars, I spotted this unusual white Ferrari convertible trundling down the lane. It was too wide to be a 348, being a convertible, I thought to myself “There’s no way Ferrari ever did a Testarossa Spider.” Turns out, that’s only partially true–Ferrari did make one Spider from the factory as a test car, Pininfarina and a few other coach builders stepped into the void and created customer cars during the Testarossa’s run. As a result, we have this Testarossa Spider, which was rather unusual and most definitely got our attention. There will be much more from Pebble Beach in the coming days.

Ferrari Testarossa Spider Rear Angle

Spotted by: Albert S. Davis


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