Say hello to “Dodgezilla”, everyone, the monster of the River Edge Car Show.

1968 Dodge Charger Front Side

I’m a sucker for the second-generation Dodge Charger. Produced for a scant three seasons, it’s a representation of the Charger at its very best–a bruising, but sexy muscle car with equal parts testosterone and paunch. It’s difficult to improve these cars…but the owner of this absolutely evil ’68 has managed to do it. With its dark green finish and matching interior, the lines were well-represented on the exterior, but the lack of a hood belies this car’s true intentions. The owner calls it “Dodgezilla”. I couldn’t agree more, especially in green. In the place of a small-block V8 typical to this particular car lies a stomping 440-cid V8, with twin carbs and a high rise intake below the enormous hood scoop. This is not a Dodge for the faint of heart. It may not be terrorizing Japanese workers and tearing down buildings, but it’s green and looks like it’s up to no good anyway. It’s not Godzilla. It’s Dodgezilla. Enjoy the photos.

Dodgezilla Taillights

Dodgzilla Hood Scoop

Dodgezilla Rim and Tire

Dodgezilla Instrument Panel

Dodgezilla Front Right

Dodgezilla Engine Bay

Dodgezilla Front High

-Albert S. Davis

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